Amex Exotic Stretch Limousine Fleet













Rolls Royce Phantom
British styling and serious road presence. The interior boasts hand-shaped wood accents and the finest leathers. Just about every imaginable comfort feature is tucked into the Phantom. A private cocoon of automotive luxury.













Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible Open Cabriolet
We are the only company in North America who rents a chauffeur driven Corniche. This is truly one of the easiest decisions you will ever have to make. Walk softly but carry a big stick













2008 Mercedes S550
Luxury at its finest. The Mercedes-Benz Limousine provides a level of roominess worthy of its high-ranking occupants, not to mention outstanding comfort and a fully equipped mobile office.












Chrysler 300
Here's the hottest ticket in town. Absolutely loaded, with flat screen TV's, DVD surround system, and lots of custom lighting and fiber optics.












Mercedes Benz S600
Here's the BIG BOY! You never get a second chance to make a first impression.













Jaguar Limousine
Retro styling makes this a very unforgettable lady. She is very English, so remember: shaken, never stirred... That's Bond, James Bond.




Cadillac DTS Deville
"THE SOUTH BEACH" The inspiration for these cruisers comes directly from the famous Delano Hotel in Miami. Art Deco styling with lava lamps, lightning display plates, killer sound with a style you will only find at Amex Limousine.


















Lexus GS 400
Blow out ultra interior, BIG BOY SOUND! Sleek, fast and very sexy. Enjoy!













Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Body by Mulliner Park Ward. One of three on the continent. Sony play station, Denon Mega Sound, fibre optic inlaid bar with a full planetarium ceiling. This lady truly has no equal!













Cadillac DTS Deville
3-D solid copper ceilings, juperana columbo solid granite floors, mahogany bars, sculptured pillars, bose lifestyle sound. Another Amex Limousine exclusive.













Lincoln Mega-Stretch
All the goodies in a spacious living room environment. Here is the king of town cars.